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SPORTS: Football, Hockey, Lacrosse

CLUBS: Fight Club

IN SCHOOL: Gareth is really charming and friendly. He is also pretty loud and very, very open about his opinions. He is a very physical person and doesn't exactly grasp the concept of physical space all the time. If you are friends, he is probably going to touch you in some way unless told otherwise. Teammates, same deal. He can get really aggressive at the drop of a hat and is very defensive of the people that he cares about. He is very social and pretty popular. He definitely isn't all that good at schoolwork though so that sort of thing tends to not hold his focus very well. Very physically gifted. Not so much on the intelligence front. He also eats a lot. Because of all of the physical activity that he does he is pretty much always hungry. He is definitely that guy that gets up early in the morning to go running and do his morning exercises. He is most definitely a scholarship student based on his athletic merit.

OUT OF SCHOOL: He is pretty much the exact same person out of school as he is in school. He probably works as a bouncer or something at a club in the evenings, on the weekends and during the summer.

OTHER: He is pretty promiscuous and if he is propositioned and he finds the person attractive he will probably say yes. Also he hits on people a lot. He also definitely lives on his own. He is definitely that guy that everyone thinks is a senior and when they find out that he is a sophomore they get really confused. He spent the first 9 years of his life in Scotland so he has a slight accent. He also started school a year late and then he got held back in the 6th grade. He is sort of sensitive about the topic.
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